What Really Is Marketing? – 5 Steps to Financial Freedom




Don’t Think About It, DO It.

One of the greatest marketers of all time, Dan Kennedy, said: “Let’s get something straight right out of the box: marketing is not something you learn, it’s something you do.”

If you want to make money, whether you are depressed, anxious, or not, you need to DO things.

The question really is: Do you WANT to make money? Do you want to do whatever it takes to do so?

If so, I will help you to get there.

Let’s get this straight: There is no magic to marketing and sales. It is a slow, steady, sometimes tardy, and tenuous process of trial and error.

The law of attraction, thinking deeply, and things like that won’t make you money – unless you start DOING the things you need to do to make money with it, and then do it consistently.

If getting financially independent, a.k.a. wealthy, is not your goal, that’s fine. Go back and do something else with your life.

Here is how marketing and business work: You get out there, you try something, and then you measure the results: Did this activity make you money?

If not, try something else or modify it.

5 Steps To Becoming A Successful Businessperson

Here are the 5 steps to becoming a successful businessperson/entrepreneur:

Yes, it really is that simple.

  1. Choose a niche

There are really only 3 niches where you can make money:

  • Money
  • Health
  • Relationships

So, that means, if you do something else, e.g. reading tarot cards, selling essential oils, etc, you need to tie your services and products to one of these niches.

No one will pay you to do a palm reading by itself.

But if you can tie it to one of the niches, e.g. “I can see in your and your partner’s palms whether your relationship will last” – that may be more successful.

I found that most start-ups and coaches in the health and wellness niche are making the mistake to try to sell a service or product.

No one cares about this, sadly. People want the result!

You can only buy food from the money that people pay you for the result you get them.

Your products and services may be a means to get them the results.

2. Create a product or service to sell that will get your future customers the results.

The minimum viable version of it will suffice. Don’t spend a lot of time on this at the start. Wait until the marketplace has shown interest and you got 3-5 paying customers. Then you can refine the product or service.

3. Make sure the customers are getting the results they want – and then get their testimonials.

4. Go out in the marketplace to get more customers…

5. Rinse and Repeat 2-4

Of course, this is just a high-level overview. There is a lot more to it in practice.

But I want to take your fear away.

You CAN Do It!

It is something you CAN do, whether you feel down in the dumps, are too anxious to go out, don’t want to be on video, or whatever you are afraid of.

If making money, and becoming financially independent, is your goal (and it should, as you don’t want to be dependent for the rest of your life on government handouts, your parent’s handouts, or similar, right?), you can absolutely do it.

You will be surprised how much your self-esteem will increase and how much better you will feel mentally when you see the money coming in that your customers pay you gladly.

And no, I don’t want you to do pressure sales, spamming people on social media, or anything like this.

I recommend starting with Affiliate marketing. It is a good way to start “learning the ropes” and getting the first dollars in your account.

And the best place to start in my opinion is a community called “Wealthy Affiliates”

I am recommending it because you can start for free (and can stay for free as long as you want) – and it gives you all you need to start for free. Training, website, and much more…

Go Here to check it out and enroll for free

About the author, Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

Dr. Christine has been depressed, too. Then she decided that a better life was waiting for her and went for it.
This website is her way of giving back to others, of sharing all she learned about how to make money online - without going broke in the process.

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